Meet the Team


Ian Wood, RCIC

Ian Wood is the President and founder of IJW Immigration Solutions Inc, based in Moncton New Brunswick.
Originally from the United Kingdom, Ian has more than 25 years of experience working in the automotive and aerospace industries, both as a skilled front-line worker and in supervisory positions. Ian moved to Canada in 2005 and became a Canadian citizen in 2011.

Throughout his immigration journey, he realized how complex the immigration processes can be for newcomers. He also noticed that immigration regulations were constantly changing, and many people needed guidance to achieve their immigration goals. This inspired Ian to change his career plans and pursue training as an immigration consultant.
He became a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in 2018 and since then he has also become a designated Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiter (Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division) and Commissioner of Oaths for New Brunswick.

Along with his extensive experience as a supervisor, these designations allow him to keenly assess the eligibility of immigration candidates and guide employers to source the most suitable international talent.

Joyce Bulman

Joyce Bulman, HRPA

HR/Talent Acquisition Manager

Joyce brings many years of knowledge and experience to us from the Call Center industry. Her past titles include Client Operation Specialist and Talent Acquisition Manager, both of which made her a key figure for her previous employer in Human Resources. In these roles, she successfully led many domestic recruiting projects and developed international recruitment programs to help her previous company overcome gaps in local recruitment.

Following this, Joyce went on to acquire extensive training as a beneficiary of informal development programs at NBCC and the local Business College.

These experiences have fostered Joyce’s strong passion for being involved in the immigration industry through talent acquisition and her wealth of knowledge is invaluable.  IJW Immigration Solutions Inc. are delighted to have her on board as their HR/Talent Acquisition Manager.

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