About Us

At IJW Immigration solutions Inc., we understand that federal and provincial processes for hiring foreign workers can be both complicated and cumbersome. We are here to assist you with these processes. Based in New Brunswick Canada, IJW Immigration Solutions Inc. has been helping Atlantic Canadian employers with their hiring needs since 2018. Our team can help you find employees for many industries including healthcare, food processing workers, transportation workers, warehouse and logistics personnel, assembly workers and many more.

The following is just some of the many licensed professional services we offer;

  • Advice for employers on Immigration programs and processes for hiring international candidates
  • Advertising for job vacancies both nationally and internationally (free of charge to the employer)
  • Foreign Worker recruitment – Licensed with the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division
  • Collaboration with government services for all application processes
  • Immigration advice and representation for international candidates
  • Introduction of candidates to employers and employer support for setting up online interviews
  • Settlement support services for immigrants
  • Professional Accent Reduction services for immigrants, when required
  • As the employer, you are the final decision maker on whether or not to hire the candidates that we present to you. Our goal is to simply expedite the hiring process for you and fulfil your hiring needs.

    Atlantic employers, contact us today by phoning (506)645-1642 or send an email to hr@ijwimmigrationsolutions.ca