ICCRC just launched its first app ever! The Android
version is available since March 6 and the IOS since
March 12. The app is designed to aid consumers in
making sure their Immigration Consultant is licensed
and in good standing. It also provides tips on how to
prevent immigration fraud. The app is a digital tool
which effectively communicates with consumers based
overseas who often use smart phones over computers.
The creation of this app is a concrete example of
stakeholders’ engagement. The High Commission of
Canada in India reached out to Michael Huynh, ICCRC’s
Professional Conduct Director, for solutions on how to
better communicate with consumers in their country
where immigration fraud is an ongoing problem. Noor
Jinah, an active RCIC, proposed to turn to an app for
a more engaging method of communication. A few
meetings later and hard work from app developers and
communications staff, and voilà!
You can do your part! Download the app and encourage
your clients to do the same. The QR code can be shared
on websites and social media.